“Art for All Ages’s purpose is to go beyond the mechanics of creating art to fire up the inspiration that promotes it in the first place. This approach places Corinne Miller Schaff’s book in a category of its own.… This opportunity for a shared learning experience on equal grounds is rare, indeed, making Art for All Ages especially highly recommended for parents, kids, and any adult seeking supportive manuals not just for art, but for self-discovery and growth experiences that overcome age-related barriers.”

—Midwest Book Review, D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer


“A valuable resource for learning or renewing your art skills. The author offers exercises based on decades of experience as an art teacher, combining education with inspiration. With the book as a guide, my granddaughter and I enjoyed painting watercolors together. Cori Schaff makes the fundamentals fun.”

—Carol Strickland, PHD, author of The Annotated Mona Lisa: A crash course in Art History from Prehistoric to Post-Modern


“Painting and art making offer to each individual the ability to go within and discover new wellsprings of possibility and hope. Art for All Ages is a brilliant resource for anyone wanting to explore art making as a tool for meditation and personal growth—and so much more!”

—Whitney Freya, author of Rise Above, Free Your Mind One Brush Stroke at a Time.


“After a long career in government and politics, through Art for All Ages, I discovered my inner artist. I learned I can express myself through Art and be proud of the result.”

—JoEllen, Chief of Staff to CA State Assembly Member


“Beautifully crafted and illustrated, Art For All Ages can be shared by parents with their children, teachers with their students, and the self-motivated but often intimidated as to how to begin making art. Filled with interesting art history, art facts, and anecdotal humor; this book is welcoming to artists at all skill levels.”

—Tom Lamb, MFA Photography, Rhode Island School of Design, BFA Printmaking, Hartford Art School.