Cori, A.k.a. “Mrs. Art”

Educating the whole brain: I have had the pleasure of teaching art at all levels. My research in the right-brain hemisphere (creative, intuitive, visual) and the left-brain hemisphere (logical, temporal, linear, organized) motivates my desire to develop both sides of the brain through the visual arts. Engineers, lawyers, writers all benefit by being highly creative.

Every lesson has an art historical reference with a focus on elements and principles of design. Children and adults can learn how to draw: more importantly how to see in this visual world.



Cori, The Artist

My artwork is whimsical. I love color and texture. Although I paint with acrylic and oil, and love multi media collage, my current passion is painting on silk. White silk is stretched and treated before applying French dyes and waxes that are later steamed into the silk for permanence. Artwork is like a puzzle with each part being carefully placed. Intuitively I know when a piece is whole.


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