Cori, The Artist

My artwork is whimsical. I love color and texture. Although I paint with acrylic and oil, and love multi media collage, my current passion is painting on silk. White silk is stretched and treated before applying French dyes and waxes that are later steamed into the silk for permanence. Artwork is like a puzzle with each part being carefully placed. Intuitively I know when a piece is whole.

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Corinne Designs Commissioned Silk Paintings

Time: 6 weeks minimum,Tax, shipping and beadwork,extra.

Subject matter and size requirements will be discussed with Cori. I will need room photos, fabric, and color samples and any photos of artifacts you want incorporated in your painting. Deposit $200.00 Cori Miller Schaff.

I use only DuPont dyes from France on a variety of textured silks. Once a piece is finished, it is sent to be professionally steamed which set the dyes making them permanent. Silk is a natural fiber accepting the dyes for beautiful vibrancy.

Although I have sun tested my paintings for a week of direct California sun, I think it is wise to keep them out of direct sunlight. Each piece will be framed according to museum standards. I have also used UV Plexiglas to aid in the protection of the piece.


My artwork can be seen at the website:

The Process

  • Sketch original drawing on to stretched white 16 mummy silk
  • Hold white areas with wax
  • Layer colors using watercolor techniques/French dye
  • Hold color areas with both wax and resist paper
  • Add textures and details- layer by layer-allowing dry time between layers
  • Set color by steaming silk 24 hours. Dry Clean Silk
  • Frame stretched silk under UV Plexi-Glass to secure minimal fading

Samples of Commissioned Artwork